Delegation makes the difference.

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Deliberate Delegation™ - the ultimate implementation and accountability strategy.

Performance is maximised when delegation is working at its finest. Leading teams is challenging and really becomes a problem when:

  1. You are working with an underperforming team
  2. You are not doing the 'right things' to motivate and engage the team - so they leave (or they don't leave and become more of 1. above)
  3. You don't know how to tap into your team's brilliance and you are drowning in the doing

Delegation makes the difference. The leaders and managers I work with become extremely effective influencers who are operating at the right level and able to create highly committed teams.

Performance is maximised when morale and confidence are high. Built on values, communication, contribution and culture - positive and proactive teams have been proven to deliver outstanding results.

Exceptional leaders are key to success and are more important than ever. Become one now!

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Your 'Doer to Delegator' Online Training

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A game changer for leaders drowning in detail, the doing, and who can't find time or head space to get your real work done.


An Hour of Power with Maree

If you want to

  • sample what executive and leadership coaching is like
  • work through one issue and achieve outstanding results
  • amply a particular skill

Buy an Hour of Power for $990.00.

Take advantage of an Hour of Power with me now and book here

A recent client had this to say: "Thank you for your eloquent and articulate insight Maree. I have filled pages with the content we covered in that conversation. A few of the stand-outs have changed my thinking. Thank you so very much for your time today. I found it incredibly valuable." G McMurray Senior Program Manager

eBook: From Pressure to Performance

Delegation is a learnable skill.

Those individuals with the natural ability to build teams and manage people are rare. Only one in four business leaders have high levels of delegation ability. Why not learn how to do it effectively.

The Pressure to Performance eBook is a game changer for emerging and established leaders drowning in detail, the doing, and who can't find time or head space for high value work with a future focus.

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Connecting Us

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This is your personal guidebook as a leader to building high performing teams.

My new book, Connecting Us, has just been released, and will help you build dynamic and engaged teams.

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The XX Project

The XX Files by Maree Burgess

Giving women the skills and confidence to step up in the corporate world

I've just released my latest book that unlocks the toolbox used by women already in leadership roles.

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Calm culture through conversation: Insightful, stimulating and relatable! Thanks Maree for a fantastic Lunch&Learn with our team and lifting our conversational intelligence! Your down to earth, warm and honest style was very well received by the entire team.

NL, Account Director Synergistiq

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