Maree Burgess shows individuals

and organisations how

conversation creates connection

Maree Burgess is a collaboration and change expert with an obsession for helping others communicate more effectively.

Through tailored one-on-one coaching and strategic workshops, she helps leaders, teams and organisations get results and effectively manage organisational changes.

Some areas in which Maree has assisted businesses include:

  • Helping leaders to understand change and the impact it has on individuals and teams
  • Setting up for project success:
  • Coaching project sponsors and project managers in their role in project design and delivery
  • Facilitating workshops to rapidly develop compelling project business cases
  • Coaching women with potential to focus on their career and build their confidence to step up

Find out more about how Maree can help your organisation.

Connecting Us

Connecting Us Mockup Stack 01

This is your personal guidebook as a leader to building high performing teams.

My new book, Connecting Us, has just been released, and will help you build dynamic and engaged teams.

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The XX Project

The XX Files by Maree Burgess

Giving women the skills and confidence to step up in the corporate world

I've just released my latest book that unlocks the toolbox used by women already in leadership roles.

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Limiting Beliefs

Beliefs can change. Particularly those pesky ones that prevent us or limit us from doing something. Changing our limiting beliefs helps us to change how we ‘do’ the world. If we have a goal or outcome we want to achieve often all that is needed to achieve it is to identify what it is that limits us. When attempting to overcome limiting beliefs,... Read more...

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Thanks Maree. I have read Connecting Us and thought it was great, with lots of practical content.  Will definitely be passing it around our team.
You are quite an inspiration!
Director: William Buck

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