Maree Burgess shows individuals

and organisations how

conversation creates connection

When team performance and organisational excellence are vital, it is a must to engage a people, project and change professional.

Maree is a trainer, coach, facilitator, author and speaker whose practicality guides leaders and teams to create the culture you desire, and importantly, they want to be part of - which greatly improves performance.

Not all teams perform to their potential, in fact many fall far short. Organisation seeking to create centres of excellence are frustrated by team dynamics, a lack of management skills or individulas lacking responsiblility and accountability to deliver on agreed results. This place massive stress on leaders who usually pull back, thinking 'I didn't sign up for this', undermining buy-in. At this point something must be done to arrest poor overall performance, address attrition and realign all staff with organisational excellence.

Obsessed with building environments of excellence where staff collaborate, work and even play well together, Maree is renowned for bringing out the best in teams and individuals alike.

Performance is maximised when morale and confidence are high. Built on values, communication, contribution and culture - positive and proactive teams have been proven to deliver outstanding results.

Exceptional leaders are key to success and are more important than ever.

Find out more about how Maree can help your organisation.

Connecting Us

Connecting Us Mockup Stack 01

This is your personal guidebook as a leader to building high performing teams.

My new book, Connecting Us, has just been released, and will help you build dynamic and engaged teams.

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The XX Project

The XX Files by Maree Burgess

Giving women the skills and confidence to step up in the corporate world

I've just released my latest book that unlocks the toolbox used by women already in leadership roles.

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Going from Manic to Magic

The manic-to-magic model describes teams at six stages from toxic to dynamic. At the bottom of the model, the toxic team sucks energy. Team members don’t look forward to work; they live under a cloud of anxiousness that can become debilitating.  Strengths and values are not understood and certainly not considered. Lower performers (or under... Read more...

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Many coaches will just tell you what you want to hear. They're fun to be around but ultimately there is no challenge and no progress. Maree is the opposite. A softly spoken and lovely warm person, she also has nerves of steel and is not afraid to challenge you when it's clear you need it. Maree helped me to make a big sale today that looked like it was going to be lost forever. Her wise counsel helped me hold my nerve and stick to my true value. I can't thank her enough!

RH, Business Development

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