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As a speaker I speak on a range of topics. A sample follows:

  • The Neuroscience of Conversations - this innovative and informative keynote provides an understanding of the neuroscience behind our conversations. Both those that go well and those that don't and discusses how we can move towards co-creational conversations, essential for success in today’s fast moving and fast changing environment. 

  • Deliberate Delegation - the 7 Steps to Go from Doer to Delegator - delegating effectively can be a game changer for leaders who are drowning in detail, running from back to back meetings, and only focussed on the doing. During this keynote participants learn the 7 steps to move from being a doer, stuck in the detail; to becoming a delegator, freeing them up to operate at the right level and focus on high value work.

  • Diversity of Thinking - important to the bottom line - this keynote describes why diversity is important to increase our return on sales; return on equity and return on invested capital. Focusing on how gender diversity improves our diversity of thinking, participants will learn the 3 key contributors to improve gender diversity ratios in the workplace.

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Overall my front of room and virtual expertise focusses on influencing; inspiring; challenging; and commanding the attention of the attendees.



Connecting Us

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This is your personal guidebook as a leader to building high performing teams.

My new book, Connecting Us, has just been released, and will help you build dynamic and engaged teams.

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The XX Project

The XX Files by Maree Burgess

Giving women the skills and confidence to step up in the corporate world

I've just released my latest book that unlocks the toolbox used by women already in leadership roles.

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