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From Doing to Delegating

Have you been promoted into a new more senior role, and now your previous expertise is no longer what you need? Or are you a technical expert who used to love what you did and now you are leading a team and feeling out of your depth?

Future proof your career through effective delegation.

Done effectively, delegation is a faster way to succeed and leads to the right level of management.

The Doer to Delegator course is a game changer for emerging and established leaders drowning in detail, the doing, and who can't find time or head space for high value work with a future focus.

Delegation is like a sports team, it's vital to have everyone playing in the right positions on the right parts of the field, with a captain leading the right attacking or defending positions.

By completing this e-Learn you will:

  • improve your effectiveness in the workplace
  • find time to think about the business
  • build awareness to tap into the expertise of your team
  • find ways to free up time to focus on the more important work you should be doing
  • learn the 7 steps to move from doing to effectively delegating

The online course provides you with extraordinary value. You will have access to the following:

  • A ‘task audit’ template
  • A ‘know your team’ questionnaire
  • A ‘high value, future focussed work’ checklist
  • A ‘delegating self-assessment’
  • The ‘biggest frustration’ questionnaire
  • An ‘8 ingredients for clear instructions’ checklist
  • An ‘efficiency when you are away’ checklist

The way you delegate is the key to your productivity and the Doer to Delegator online course shows you how.

Start the Doer to Delegator course now.

Duration: Lifetime
Price: $22.50

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