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Ep21 Caroline Stainkamph Interview: Learning to lead in the Girl Guides

With a background combining technology, portfolio management, process improvement, talent management and leading large complex change programs, Caroline delivers powerful people focused, transformation programs.

Giving back to industry is a powerful driver for her. Caroline is currently Director and Program Lead for the Importance of Women in IT, an initiative of VIC ICT for Women.

Why listen

  • Learn how Caroline developed her leadership skills as a teenager in the Girl Guides
  • Caroline’s leadership tips: become more self-aware, put your own health and well-being first, and focus on developing your communication and feedback expertise

Other links

Caroline recommends the following books:

  • Jason Fox “The Game Changer”
  • Brene Brown “Dare to Lead”
  • John H. Zenger and Joseph Folkman “The Extraordinary Leader

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