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Ep13 Leading with passion, purpose and authenticity with Steven Lynch

Steven Lynch is an acting Director of the Business & Built Environment Group with Sustainability Victoria.  

Why listen

  • Steven talks about his leadership journey and how he leads with passion, purpose and authenticity 
  • Learn how Steven leveraged the people around him for advice in building his leadership skills 
  • His tips and strengths for leading are: being prepared to play the long game, be perseverant when you are trying to create something you believe in, set a clear purpose for the team, understand who you are as a leader and lead from those strengths, look after self 
  • Learn how important professional and personal development is to developing as a leader 

What you will also learn

  • Steven’s daily habits. 

Other links

  • Steven mentioned 
    • That he mostly listens to podcast as a way to switch off
    • Humans of Purpose podcast by Mike Davis 

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