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Ep5 Why delegation is like a segway

What some leadership tips?

Why listen

In this short podcast I talk about delegating. When I ask people if they are great delegators there are a number of reasons they say ‘no’.

  • Why delegation is like riding a Segway 
  • Why people don’t delegate 
  • we may feel the task is menial so shouldn't pass it on and do it ourselves  
  • we know how busy every member of our team is and don't want to burden them more, so do it ourselves  
  • our team are new and we want them to come up to speed before believing we can delegate too much to them, so we do it ourselves 
  • we don't trust our team to do it like we would do it, so we do it ourselves  
  • it would take longer to explain what needs to be done than doing it ourselves 

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