Maree Burgess shows individuals

and organisations how

conversation creates connection


As human beings, we are hard-wired to move through change. It’s not always easy though. By piloting through change rather than avoiding it, we have the ability to influence and achieve so much more with a new mindset.

My focus is to help leaders and teams become Dynamic through Conversation.

I work with leaders and teams and help them to:

  • Communicate effectively
  • Build trusted relationships
  • Co-create with their teams, peers and leaders to ensure personal and business success
  • Build higher engagement levels

 Where I can assist you:

  • Understanding change and the impact it has on individuals and teams by training leaders in what is needed to lead their teams through change
  • Pipeline development for gender diversity through coaching, mentoring and facilitating
  • Setting up project sponsors and project manager for project success through coaching, facilitating and mentoring
  • Creating a dynamic culture through conversation

I design bespoke programs tailored to an organisation’s needs as well as having a number of tailored programs available on request, including:

Training programs

  • Communication skills
  • Presenting confidently and effectively
  • Facilitation skills
  • Leadership development and how to work with and lead others
  • Building effective teams
  • Preparing for change and leading others through change

Facilitating workshops to help leaders 

  • Develop concise and compelling business cases by engaging stakeholders 
  • Develop organisational and team strategies
  • Team cohesion and team building

Leadership coaching and mentoring programs

  • Develop a pipeline of women ready and capable to step into more senior roles 
  • Working with senior leaders to help them understand their role, responsibilities and accountabilities to achieve role success and realise benefits 
  • Provide a confidential sounding board not generally available to leaders about issues/problems they may be experiencing. 

My front of room expertise focusses on key elements of the group including:

Building rapport in the first 5 minutes of the workshop or meeting. Using a range of techniques from the moment of the meeting to build and then maintain rapport at all times.

Using a variety of visual aids ranging from graphic recording; flip charting; and, even sometimes, PowerPoint, to effectively engage the audience or workshop participants.  

In preparation and design I spend time with the sponsor or key stakeholder to identify what success looks like, design the agenda and structure for the workshop and focus on developing appropriate activities to reach the desired outcomes.   

My aim is to influence; inspire; challenge; and command the attention of the attendees.

Combining all of the above, and introducing energising activities as appropriate, to manage the energy in the room to create a level of participant alertness, engagement and ideas generation.

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I am also available for keynote speeches on a number of topics

As a speaker I present to your workplace on creating a dynamic culture through conversation; facilitating change, mindset and leadership.

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