Delegation makes the difference.

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Deliberate Delegation™ 

We are facing unprecedented change at the moment.

Uncertainty and fear for the future, the economic and personal repercussions can leave you struggling and drowning in work, with no time to focus on high value strategic thinking. The number one skill needed right now is the ability to effectively delegate.

Performance is maximised when delegation is working at its finest, as leaders are working with their teams to amplify results.

Don't wait for your best people to leave before you do something meaningful to keep them! And if you are drowning in work, lost in the detail and have no time to focus on high value strategic thinking it's time to do something about it.

I work with ambitious leaders who are looking to leverage their skills and hit their targets in spite of the conditions they find themselves. Clients working with me become sought-after leaders, known for their performance and group dynamics.

They become extremely effective influencers who create highly committed teams.

I'm obsessed with the art of delegation. Investing in leaders and teams will generate a culture that produces great results: 

  • increasing profits
  • lifting productivity
  • promoting innovation
  • building engagement
  • improving wellbeing

I know how to unlock potential and lift performance in these changed conditions. I believe delegation makes the difference.

Delegation is like a sports team, it's so vital to have everyone playing in the right positions on the right parts of the field, with a skipper leading the right attacking or defending positions. 

There are a choice of options to work with me:


Option 1.       1:1 Coaching for the leader (8 Deliberate DelegationTM Coaching Sessions) 

Giving the leader the expertise to learn and then apply advanced delegation techniques.

Option 2.       Deliberate DelegationTM Fast Start – half or full-day all team workshop 

Unless you can pinpoint how effectively your managers (new, emerging, experienced) delegate already you cannot identify how much potential is being left on the table. The results for your business are driven by how effectively your managers lead at the right level. Participants learn practical delegation techniques to lift them to the right level, leverage their time, and tap into the potential of their teams.

This is a half-day or one-day workshop helping leaders build their skills to halve the time and double their effectiveness. It's targeted at emerging and established mid-level managers and aims to free them up to do more high value work.  

Option 3.       Deliberate DelegationTM Program - The Ultimate 3 to 6 month program

High level inclusions

                • 8 delegation coaching sessions for the leader
                • 3 half day team workshops – skill uplift
                • Delegation Mastermind (3 group sessions) – embed learnings and create accountability

 For delegation expertise or enquiries please contact me


Connecting Us

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