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Are your beliefs working for you or against you?

It’s been said that whatever we believe becomes our reality. We do not believe what we see; rather, we see what we already believe. For this reason, two people facing the same situation may interpret it differently, act according to their different beliefs, and experience different outcomes.

Our beliefs are assumptions we have about the world. They grow from what we see, hear, experience, read, or think about. They also grow from what we absorb from our parents, our family, our culture, and our childhood experiences. They are built as we go through life, so we tend not to question them.

Beliefs fall into one of two overarching categories: empowering or limiting. Empowering beliefs help us make changes and decisions confidently. Limiting beliefs do the exact opposite: they diminish our energy and can prevent us from changing or trying something new.

The great news is that beliefs can change – first you need to identify them and work out whether they are useful or not. So what beliefs do you hold that are limiting you.

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