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The Busy Team

How often have you asked someone ‘how are you’ and they say ‘busy’?

It really has become the default answer and is often said as a badge of honour. This creates the Busy Team. We have built a belief around the fact that people will respect us or value us more if we are busy. Teams that are busy can lose sight of what is important.

Busy-ness makes us feel productive even though we probably aren’t. At this level, some workload sharing is occurring and mostly everyone is contributing. But they are mainly focused on being busy - filling their time completing tasks without thinking about the purpose.

Being busy can also mean that we aren’t building relationships with our team, as there just isn’t time. In spite of this, trust in the team does exist to some extent.

Creating a culture we want to be part of, and an environment we enjoy is so important to our mental wellbeing. Focusing on moving a busy team towards a calm culture is imperative.

Helping team members engage and build more trusting relationships with colleagues starts to increase the ability to co-create and focus on the purpose of the team. Moving a busy team to being a calm team means high levels of engagement and collaboration.

What are you doing to create calm teams?

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