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A Calm Team Culture - what's not to like!

With all the uncertainty in organisations at the moment, those going through restructures, redundancies and multiple other changes, the type of culture needed to support this uncertainly is often overlooked.

This blog is the final excerpt from my Calm Culture White Paper and reinforces the want for a Calm Culture.

Building a calm culture is like building a bridge: without the foundation and engineering, it may fail. It is essential that we understand the building blocks for trust and curiosity and how to initiate these within the teams we are part of.

This is about having the confidence, understanding and tools at hand to discover and innovate with others.Then, its just a short step to saying ‘what else…?

Developing a CALM culture opens up a new lens for:

  • Co-creating
  • Awareness
  • Learning
  • Motivating

This involves learning how to:

  • Establish an environment of connection with individuals and teams.
  • Trigger curiosity & innovation.
  • Activate the parts of the brain that trigger high engagement.
  • Take team members from cynical and sceptical to high levels of trust and co-creation.
  • Resolve and avoid conflict.

We spend the majority of our life at work, with people that we see more of than our family and friends. Why not create the type of work environment that is invigorating, exciting and energising?

Why not become part of a team we look forward to hanging out with every day, who we learn from every day and who learn from us and we become energised rather than drained?

It is an absolute joy to be part of a co-creational, focused and functional team where everyone has everyone else’s back and we go from strength to strength.

Even if your team is in the bottom half of the chaotic to calm model, there is lots of room to move up. Focus on what you need to do, what your team members need to do and look at ways to get there.

It’s worth it for you; your team; and for your organisation!

Have you ever experienced being part of a Calm Culture team? I’d love to know.

Feel free to share and like this article. This is the final except from my Calm Culture White Paper. If you would like to read the entire document please email or message me for a copy.


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