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Your LEADERS make the difference.

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Transactional or transformational? As a leader, which are you?

Don't worry; it's a common question.

Leading at the right level is essential to achieving success, and many people and teams are not operating at their full potential.

To be a transformational leader, you need to focus on high-value work and thinking, which means looking towards future aspirations, applying a strategic lens to your area, and understanding your role in the organisation's overall purpose. 

Levelling up means the benefits will flow. Leading at the right level means your abilities will grow, and you will elevate your team so they level up.

Being a transactional manager means you're still doing the tasks from your old role that others are now employed to do. 

You may think there is only one way to do what you are doing, so you struggle to let go. You may not be focusing on future goals and outcomes, which are part of your more senior role.

As a transformational leader, you understand what you should be doing and what your team should be doing. 

You can let go of technical work and let your team do it. You understand there are different ways to achieve a result and empower your team. You focus on meaningful, well-defined goals and outcomes.

If you're new to managing and leading a team, it's natural to default to be a transactional manager and hold onto those tasks from your old role. 

But if you want a long, fulfilling and enjoyable career, you must learn to level up and operate at the right level. 

That's where I come in. Feel free to use this link and book a 20-minute chat with me, and I'll help you figure out how to step up in your role. 

Leadership is a learnable skill, and you can achieve your full potential and positively impact your team.

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