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The core skills that make you a memorable manager

The memorable managers from my past, and the ones I work with today, have a few core skills that amplify their success in how to tap into the brilliance of their teams and outperform other teams.

As a memorable manager, you are engaged and so are your team. You empower them to perform at higher levels. Which means you are creating the capacity to understand and tap into your potential talent. This shifts you from a fear of leading due to doubt and step into your own inner conviction.

I’ve found that successful organisations have more engaged managers than disengaged ones leading their teams. They also have more managers who can empower their teams, and less managers who actively disempower their teams.


I focus on three accelerators to help the managers I work with tap into their potential talent:

  1. Your Awareness
  2. How you Communicate
  3. Your Mindset


Each of these accelerators answers a critical question in how you manage your team.

1. Awareness. To know with certainty how you are leading, you must completely focus on understanding your strengths, values and how you react and respond to others, and they respond to you. Ask yourself this question and rate yourself: how well do you understand the components that make you a great manager and the elements that reduce your effectiveness?

Are you in the Red Zone: No awareness at all (at the 1 end of the scale)

Are you in the Green Zone: You know them intimately (at the 10 end of the scale)

2. Communication. Knowing that you can clearly articulate your message without misunderstanding by the other party. How powerful, consistent, and impactful is your communication with your team, your boss, and your stakeholders?

Red Zone: You are often misunderstood (at the 1 end of the scale)

Green Zone: Totally game-changing and co-creational (at the 10 out of the scale)

3. Mindset. Being confident to give work to the team and know it will be done efficiently and effectively is essential for you and the team to be able to level up and optimise your overall effectiveness. The question here is: Do you understand the mindset shifts and steps required to let the team can get on with it? (letting go of perfectionism / micromanaging/ control freak)?

Red Zone: Not comfortable at all (at the 1 end of the scale)

Green Zone: Can totally release work (at the 10 end of the scale)

Let me know how you’ve rated yourself. If you’ve rated yourself a six or lower, there are a few key things you can do to level up.

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