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And that's almost a wrap

We are not there yet, and yet before we know it Christmas and New Year will be upon us.

This is my last newsletter for 2021. You still see some posts on LinkedIn, Insta and Facebook.

I wish you a very happy festive season. I hope whatever you are doing, is relaxing and re-energising. You deserve it after all the good work you have put in this year. 

I'm sure you learnt a lot about yourself, and discovered you are more resilient, innovative and creative than you expected - I certainly have. You've toughed it out and learned the importance of communicating virtually, building and maintaining relationships and creating self-care routines.

I set myself a challenge at the end of 2020 to walk 2021km in 2021 (which meant averaging 5.4km / day for 365 days). I discovered that I like to be well prepared with kilometres in the bank. So in the first quarter I had banked an extra 30 days worth of walking. Just in case I didn't walk during Winter (and of course I did). Which means I completed the challenge on the 30th November. I'm still walking each day though. 

Now to work out my 2022 challenge.

Send me some ideas of what you think my challenge could be. There's a prize for the best (realistic) idea. I'll announce the winner in January.

What did you set out to achieve this year and how did you go? I would love to hear from you. 

Here's to a fabulous 2022.


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