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Your LEADERS make the difference.

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The myth of being a first-time leader

You’ve been promoted – that's awesome – congratulations.

  • Your new team will be amazing
  • You already have the skills to nail this.

Ahhh, not so much.

There are plenty of terrible leaders out there, and statistics show that while individuals join an organisation, they often leave because of their manager.

Don’t become that type of leader.If you are a new leader, your thinking will evolve, and new skills emerge. Hopefully.

If you are thinking that because you are great at your old role those skills that got you to where you were will transition into this new more senior role, you may need to think again.

That may be why you were promoted, but it may not be enough to step up into this role and be the transformational leader you may aspire to be.

You must level up your thinking, focusing on the work appropriate for your new pay grade. Working out what this is can be one of the challenges.

And then there’s the team. They are also going through a transition – they have a new boss so everything for them has changed.

Awareness of how you manage this transition is crucial to maintain or create a performing team.

You want to excel in this new role. You want to be able to justify your boss’s faith in you.

Step up and thrive.

What are the skills you think you need to focus on to nail this role?

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