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It can be frustrating when someone you know has heaps of confidence in her abilities but actually her abilities are quite low.


How do you manage that and even give them feedback?

Working with someone who is supremely confident and who doesn’t yet have the ability to do what needs to be done can also be dangerous. While you don’t want to destroy their confidence, it is important to make them aware of the gaps in their abilities.

Have you ever been driving and mistakenly put the car into reverse instead of in Drive (or first gear if you are driving a manual). This is what it may feel like when someone is confident and charges ahead without necessarily checking that they are going in the right direction.


If you feel this may be you my questions are:

  • Are you checking in to make sure you have the abilities to make decisions?
  • Have you identified your skills, and skill gaps, that you may need to develop?
  • Do you have a mentor who can help you identify and fill these gaps?

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