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Delegation is like riding a Segway

If you have every ridden a segway you will know that we need to move the handle forward to move and further forward to go faster or pull it back to slow down.

We are slowing ourselves down if we don't learn to delegate effectively and we are short-changing our team and ourself. The biggest problem with delegation is there are a range of reasons why we don't delegate:

  • we feel the task is menial so shouldn't pass it on and do it ourselves
  • we know how busy every member of our team is and don't want to burden them more, so do it ourselves
  • our team are new and we want them to come up to speed before believing we can delegate too much to them, so we do it ourselves
  • we don't trust our team to do it like we would do it, so we do it ourselves
  • it would take longer to explain what needs to be done than doing it ourselves

What is your reason for not delegating to your team?

A lot of my work involves helping leaders understand how to delegate - a crucial skill that can be learnt.

If you would like to learn how to delegate effectively please let me know and we can set up a 20 minute call. 

Maree :) 

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