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The opposite of autonomy is micromanagement.

 Micromanagement can lead to low team morale, high employee turnover and low productivity.

As a leader, giving your team room to do their job, treating them as individuals and coaching them to reach their potential leads to high performance.

When you link this to delegating well - your team will thrive and love what they do.

My belief is that everyone comes to work to do a good job.

Some ways to build or create a feeling of autonomy in your team:

  • Put boundaries in place and within that create choice to allow team members to work how they do their role. 
  • Clearly define roles to encourage ownership. This allows employees to tap into the ‘why’ of their work. Understanding the ‘why’ of a goal or task employees have been assigned has value. Don’t assume the ‘why’ is obvious – even if it seems so to you.
  • Build the capability in your team – what do they need (training, tools etc.) to reach your goals and theirs. Show that you are willing to invest in them.

 What are you doing to create autonomy with your team?

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