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Organisational Oxytocin vs Cortisol

As the level of uncertainty in organisations continues and pressure to perform increases the levels of organisational cortisol stays high.

And this is a bad thing!

Cortisol is hormone produced in high amounts when we are feeling stressed or we are in high states of uncertainty.

We produce oxytocin when we feel safe and trusted and leads us to connecting and co-creating with others.

Up-regulating our oxytocin producing behaviours makes us and the people around us feel happier at work. We can do this by having great conversations.

Our self-awareness and awareness of others is crucial to create the conversations that hit the mark. By understanding the conversational triggers that can either create trust, or lead to distrust with those we are communicating with helps to build our empathy and compassion for others.

Triggers like 'let me give some feedback...' are likely to create anxiety (cortisol spikes). Triggers like 'tell me how you think this could be done more effectively...' are likely to create more oxytocin.

How are you feeling at work - oxytocin rich or stressed with high levels of cortisol?

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