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Feedback & Delegation

Our role and our work will suffer if we do not listen to feedback especially if it's related to work that has been delegated to us. 

When our boss has provided us with feedback based on work they have delegated – if we do not listen and consider it, our work is put at risk and we narrow our focus on what is possible.

On the flip side, as a leader, when you have delegated work to someone else, how do you feel if you don't think you've been listened to? Do you keep checking in to see if they are doing the work as expected? Are you starting to micro-manage them?

It's crucial to bring all of our communication skills into action when it comes to delegating. 

  • We have to focus on creating a safe environment for delegation
  • We have to be clear and succinct
  • We have to ramp up our #listening abilities
  • We have to be #curious and ask questions to check that we understand and that we are being understood

'What do you do when work is delegated to you or you need to delegate to someone else?

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