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Limiting Beliefs

Beliefs can change. Particularly those pesky ones that prevent us or limit us from doing something.

Changing our limiting beliefs helps us to change how we ‘do’ the world. If we have a goal or outcome we want to achieve often all that is needed to achieve it is to identify what it is that limits us.

When attempting to overcome limiting beliefs, the first step is to become aware of them and they have a way of hiding from us, though we can be aware of other people’s limiting beliefs due to the way they say things. For example:

• ‘I can't do that...’
• ‘I could achieve my goal, but I don’t have the skills’
• 'If only ...'
• ‘I don’t deserve this because of [something I am or am not or something I have or have not done].”

Think about what you say to yourself or others. If you find yourself saying things like this ask yourself:
• Why is this goal unattainable?
• What if I could achieve this?
• What skills do I need to develop to achieve this goal?
• Why don’t I deserve to achieve this goal?

Sometimes some evidence that we can do something is all we need to change a limiting belief.

What are you not doing because of something you believe?

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