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Starting a new role

There are many reasons why gender diversity is not equal. 

Not so long ago I started a coaching role in a large corporation. I’ve had my own business for the past 11 years, with the past five spent as a contractor in this same organisation. Moving to a permanent role is quite a big step for me – there are lots of benefits but lots of deterrents as well in making this decision.

One of the main reasons I chose to become permanent is to create a difference in this organisation around the number of women in leadership roles. Like most Australian corporations the number of senior men greatly outweighs the number of senior women.

Bridging the gender diversity gap starts with having suitable women available to step up into more senior roles.

That isn’t the only issue as there are many reasons why gender diversity is not even. This ranges from unconscious bias; women not having the belief they meet the role requirements; or the confidence to put their hand up for more senior roles; not wanting a more senior role as they don’t like the role their boss has and so on.

So as well as my real job (the one I’ve been employed to do) I’m already working with women to build their confidence in their abilities and get them to a place where they are comfortable and confident to put their hands up for bigger role.

I help them focus on their strengths and values and identify how they prefer to work. They also work on building their self awareness and awareness of others. I want to make sure that they are comfortable to bring themselves to work without thinking that they have to become someone else to fit someone’s idea of who they should be.

I’ll let you know how I go.

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