Maree Burgess shows individuals

and organisations how

conversation creates connection

The manic-to-magic model describes teams at six stages from toxic to dynamic. At the bottom of the model, the toxic

If you have every ridden a segway you will know that we need to move the handle forward to move

Delegation is NOT abdication. The meaning of abdication is 'failure to fulfil a responsibility or duty'. This is what a

 Micromanagement can lead to low team morale, high employee turnover and low productivity. As a leader, giving your team room

As the level of uncertainty in organisations continues and pressure to perform increases the levels of organisational cortisol stays high.

Great leaders who are effective delegators create a culture of open and honest discussion. It isn’t about losing sight of

Our role and our work will suffer if we do not listen to feedback especially if it's related to work

There is no question that the high-performance teams I have worked with and observed have high levels of trust between

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Connecting Us

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This is your personal guidebook as a leader to building high performing teams.

My new book, Connecting Us, has just been released, and will help you build dynamic and engaged teams.

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The XX Project

The XX Files by Maree Burgess

Giving women the skills and confidence to step up in the corporate world

I've just released my latest book that unlocks the toolbox used by women already in leadership roles.

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