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It was a wonderful opportunity to come together as a team and dedicate the time, with great learning and "ahah!" moments for us all! Thanks Prof Michael Cardew-Hall, Anthony Pages and Frank Papa for prioritising and creating this valuable experience for us, and thanks Maree Burgess for your facilitation and subject matter expertise.

This was the perfect start to my new role with this amazing team. It was quite simply one of the best retreats I've ever attended. Thanks Maree Burgess - I've been enthused by the number of times we've already referenced ”D, B, J”!

The ANU Enterprise Pty Limited team took time out last week to meet together under the expert facilitation of Maree Burgess, for a strategic retreat. We thrived under Maree’s guidance and expertise in culture and engagement. Not only did we emerge from the retreat with a clear sense of direction, we sharpened our engagement strategies and built our understanding of emotional intelligence in the context of delivering value to the The Australian National University. Thanks, Maree and thank you to all our people for attending giving so unconditionally.

Every year we get out of the office for 2 days and have a strategic retreat with all parts of ANUE. This allows us to get on the same page, agree on priorities so we can smash our annual strategic goals as one team. This year we were lucky that our retreat was facilitated by Maree Burgess. We got to learn how to manage relationships, navigate through change and refine our company values. A lot of companies think retreats can be time wasters but the last 5 years have showed us that, when they are well designed, they are an essential part of strategy execution and culture building.

I met with Maree over a number of coaching sessions to help me accelerate my learning, relationships and success in starting a new role. Her support in fleshing out the real issues facing me has helped me identify exactly what it is that gives me joy in my work, and her practical solutions have provided me with tools to make it happen.

Specifically, Maree provided me with invaluable tools on networking and building relationships in a geographically dispersed, male-dominated organisation, and helped me come up with techniques and solutions for dealing with a manager who has a very different personal style to me.

Maree’s ability to (gently!) push me out of my comfort zone and hold me accountable for taking action ensured I saw positive changes immediately, in a way that gave me control over sometimes difficult situations. This was my introduction to the coaching process, and I would certainly recommend it to anyone undertaking any type of career transition, or looking for new techniques to help build career success.

My time with Maree has been extremely beneficial, both professionally and personally. Discussions with Maree about my business and personal goals give me focus and greater clarity - making it easier to see the "forest from the trees". Having a 3rd party ask the hard questions, push your thought processes and play devil’s advocate is a great way to stress test strategies before implementing them. Additionally, making commitments to Maree (and have her record them for posterity) is a real motivator to get things done. Finally, Maree’s ability to sum up discussions and replay back the critical elements shows her background business acumen, interpretative skills and intuition are all finely tuned.


Maree, thank you for your enlightening presentation today on unconscious bias. Your points about stepping back and taking time to consider how diversity can only enrich fresh thought, makes me now relook at the mix of any team whether project or leadership based. Thanks very much.

Hi Maree, just wanted to say I am LOVING your book - Connecting Us. I love the pared back simplicity of the language and the clear way you have described complex psychological concepts. And that there are so many different practical exercises to try. I am only halfway through but I look forward to any opportunity to read a couple of pages! Thanks so much, and I will recommend it to my friends. Susannah

Hour Of Power with Maree Burgess.

 Thank you for your eloquent and articulate insight Maree. I have filled pages with the content we covered in that conversation. A few of the stand-out 'A Statements' are communication styles, gentle utilisation of NLP, knowing your audience, understanding feedback is not always comfortable and that is ok, why we make the word choices we do. Thank you so very much for your time today. I found it incredibly valuable.

Thank you for your insightful workshop last Monday. Really enjoyed learning all about influence and persuasion, particularly around building rapport. 

I have known and worked with Maree Burgess for over 15 years.  In that time she has been my personal coach and she has never failed to get results for me.

I have put her forward for work with some of my most valued and valuable clients and she has delivered every single time. Her experience, knowledge and investment in her own professional development means that Maree gets the job done with grace, calmness and expertise.

Thanks Maree. I have read Connecting Us and thought it was great, with lots of practical content.  Will definitely be passing it around our team.
You are quite an inspiration!

I have been reading Maree Burgess's latest book Connecting US today. It’s so practical and hard to put down. 

Many coaches will just tell you what you want to hear. Maree is the opposite. A softly spoken and lovely warm person, she also has nerves of steel and is not afraid to challenge you when it's clear you need it.

Calm culture through conversation: Insightful, stimulating and relatable! Thanks Maree for a fantastic Lunch&Learn with our team and lifting our conversational intelligence! Your down to earth, warm and honest style was very well received by the entire team.

Many coaches will just tell you what you want to hear. They're fun to be around but ultimately there is no challenge and no progress. Maree is the opposite. A softly spoken and lovely warm person, she also has nerves of steel and is not afraid to challenge you when it's clear you need it. Maree helped me to make a big sale today that looked like it was going to be lost forever. Her wise counsel helped me hold my nerve and stick to my true value. I can't thank her enough!

Thanks Maree, I have really appreciated your experience and guidance over the last few weeks. It’s come at a perfect time in my career where I need to take some time to assess my next step. 

You’ve helped me to take a different perspective and have given me the confidence I needed to move forward and make decisions about my career. I really feel I was able to reach a position of clarity about the future (whereas before, the various options and pros and cons had continued to be tossed and turned over and over, with no conclusion or end in sight). 

It really is true what they say, sometimes you just need a little help and a different perspective to find the answers within yourself.

Thanks again, I’ve really enjoyed working with you.

I have been really privileged to work with Maree as my executive coach.  Maree has really taken the time to understand me first.  Maree asks questions and without bias lets me come up with the answers that have enabled me to understand myself, my own behaviours, bias and style more and how this knowledge leads to better outcomes and more effective interactions with others.  She has helped me adapt and expand in both my personal and professional life.  Having an aspiration and a vision is one step yet the path to make this important and meaningful enough to make a real  difference is more than what I expected when I first approached Maree.

I am really thankful as I know I am a better leader in practise and leader in thought as an outcome of my coaching sessions with Maree.  I now have regained clarity of purpose back into my every day.

Maree Burgess has  provided me with valuable and expert coaching during my recent career transition. Working with Maree has helped me to: 

  • Clarify my professional and personal dreams and goals
  • Recognise less helpful thinking and behaviour patterns I have indulged in - and quickly develop more resourceful patterns
  • Articulate my strengths, knowledge, skills and experience clearly, succinctly (and successfully) in job applications and interviews
  • Find the mental space and energy to boost my professional learning and growth; my work with Maree led to me undertaking further study for a Master's Degree.

Maree has developed a coaching relationship with me based on trust, warmth and high expectations of my capacity for growth. Her coaching helped me shift into a proactive and positive mindset, and has led to some interesting and attractive career developments.  I highly recommend Maree Burgess as a professional coach.

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